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Pink Steepletone Brighton 1950 Retro Style 3 Band Portable Radio FM MW and LW

pink vintage radio

pink vintage radio This is exactly like the radio I had in my room when I was a teen in the It was my mom's and she let me use it because I loved pink!

pink radio. assume this is bakelite. it appears Everything was pink in the 50s. That Mamie Eisenhower had quite the influence on total 50s economy!!

Standard Electric "Virtuose" radio model This is going more into vintage. but we could not resist.

old pink radio ~ love this with all it's years showing :)

old pink radio My husband collects antique radios Think he would pass on this one.

vintage pink radio

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love radio looked a lot like this one...but, it had a clock too.

Found one at an Antique store, similar to this. Took the insides out and plan to use it to house my ipod player in the glamper.

pink radio

I love automotive photography. In a lot of ways shooting older cars fixes a lot of the issue that I have had.

Old Pink Radio Iphone X 3D Case Caseperson

Old Pink Radio Iphone X 3D Case Caseperson