Simple Pirate Hooks... great for pretend play! Who doesn't love pirates???

Simple Pirate Hooks

Simple Pirate Hooks for a Jake and the Neverland Pirate party. great for pretend play! Who doesn't love pirates?

Awesome paper bowl pirate craft for kids. Great for a summer kids craft, kids pirate craft, preschool pirate theme and pirate activities for kids.

Cute Paper Bowl Pirate Craft

This paper bowl pirate craft is adorable and allows for plenty of creativity. Add it to your summer plans or a pirate theme. Pair with a writing prompt for even more fun!

pirate math activity-walk the plank-skip counting by tens with free pirate theme printables

Pirate math activity-walk the plank-skip counting by tens with free pirate theme printables ----- Change to a music activity with rhythm or melody flash cards, or music symbols instead of numbers.

Preschool Pirate Worksheets - Same or Different

Summer Preschool Worksheets

Arrrgh Matey!! tons of great pirate activities from some of our favorite bloggers

35+ pirate activities and pirate crafts

pirate activities: games, crafts, food costumes - fantastic resourceFood to serve at a Pirate Birthday Party!

Download a free Pirates Printable Pack. The pack contains 74 pirate-themed activities for kids ages 2 to 7. The activities cover a range of skills, including shapes, colors, sizes, same vs. different, patterning, puzzles, fine motor, mazes, math, and literacy.

Free Pirates Printable Pack

Pirate Printable Pack - 73 pirate worksheets for kids ages with activities that include shapes and sizes, colors, fine motor skills, puzzles,…

10 Ideas for Pirate Small World and Sensory Play {}

10+ Ideas for Pirate Sensory Play, Me Hearties!

Fun ideas for children's pirate small world and sensory play! Over 10 sensory play activities for the little pirates to enjoy, me hearties!

Pool Noodle Boat Racing Game with Office Depot supplies #GearLove #ad

Craft: Pool Noodle Boat Racing Game

Walk the Plank Pirate Activity

Walk the plank activity incorporates a child walking on a specific line but also having a bean bag on their head, providing proprioceptive input

“Unless it has been in the hand ..and the body…it cannot be in the brain” (Bev Bos). Here is a wonderful way to incorporate memorising sight words (or you could use letters/numbers for those at earlier stages) into imaginative play.

Sight Word Activity: Pirate Doubloons Treasure Hunt