great pirate face painting design

Pirate face makeup for kids, not necessarily Halloween. Super Cute idea for those with little ones. You could actually color in the eye patch closer to the eye to look more realistic if you aren't worried about allergies.

Fun Halloween Face Painting Design Ideas for Children

Fun Halloween Face Painting Design Ideas for Children

Pirate Face Painting - painting the eye patch rather than covering the eye is a lot safer for walking about - especially in the darkness on Halloween night.

I should sell the bandana separately to make more money with the Pirate face painting...hmmm interesting

Unbelievably Fantastic Face Painting Ideas for Beginners

pirate face painting by mimicks

Halloween is right around the corner and sometimes the best costumes start with the artwork . From werewolves to mummies, you can amp up a

These easy face painting tutorials will help you create a fun Halloween for the kids in your life. They are super simple and easy to replicate.

Face Painting Tutorials for beginners. Easy basic ideas to start with.

Face Paint can be easy to do, if you choose simple designs and good paints! face painting tutorials and face painting tips