elizabeth swann pirate medallion haha! I actually have one!

Elizabeth Swann's gold medallion

Aztec Medallion from Pirates of the Caribbean @winonataylortattoos #tattoo #pirate #tattooidea

Aztec Medallion from Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirate Medallion by skullgirl24, via Flickr

To leave completely and finally, ceasing to operate or inhabit a vessel, commonly in response to.

Cursed Aztec Gold Medallion

Curse Me Like You Mean It: Using Psychology to Make Your Curses Actually Work - OR Avoid curses by knowing one when you hear/read one.

Cursed Aztec Gold Medallion from Curse of the Black Pearl | © Photography by Koen Jespers

Cursed Aztec Gold Medallion ~~REMEMBER I made 4 new boards for PIRATES pins. this board is just for random ones now. If you want quotes or movie specific pins they're on their own boards now.

my pirate medallion by agirlnamedshemus on DeviantArt

ok, i have pride*snicker* this is one of my favorite fakes i have made, the medallion from the pirates of the caribbean. the base is the tin top of a ju. my pirate medallion