That simple.  Such a pity...                                                                                                                                                     More

That simple. More Me (Eeehhh I don't want to agree, I don't really like this one.) Perspective though, I see it sadly ♋

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Definitely - another Pisces quote that could have been written just for me

Trouble is, the Pisces man I know creates the rough spots but does nothing to fix them.

This is literally all I ask for. If I know I can trust you not to quit early, I won't be so reluctant to date you. Trouble is most people are too emotionally immature/flaky Daily Horoscope! Pisces,... - fun zodiac signs fact

My bff is a Pisces ,when we get in fights she acts like I'm the worst piece of shit ever,when we make friends again she says it was the worst days offher life,so speaking as a Pisces bff this is quite accurate

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I hate uncertainty. I hate surprises. I hate not knowing. Even the silliest smallest most insignificant things. My anxiety skyrockets and takes over me