Yep. I divorce ppl for this! Lol #TeamCancer

Yep. I divorce ppl for this! Lol #TeamCancer

Tumblr Nailed Your Star Sign.. why do all mine relate to food... oh wait yeah thats accurate

AIGHT NOW. I'm a libra, and I know when someone is lying. I will beat the ever living shit outta you so help me god. Please don't underestimate Libra, it may be your final assumption.

Taurus do not fall in love that fast... if at all. At least that's the case for me

It may only take three hours, but it takes three extra MONTHS to admit it

I created a little 'artfully vague' Horoscope activity that I sent  out to fellow NLPers to encourage them to think how 'miltonesque' artfully vague statements to which people attach their own meanings can appear to speak directly to the individual. I wanted to prompt that discussion.

Free People Horoscopes

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