Place of Princes: 2- fancy boys by ~knightJJ on deviantART<< oh Tarzan

Place of Princes: fancy boys by ~knightJJ on deviantART.Tarzan is the best haha

I didn't start laughing out loud until Shang popped in but then I giggled for a good 5 minutes lol

Why do I find this funny? Is it because of Shang in the back,is it the horror on Prince Phillip's face, or is it the fact he is wearing a dress? I think alll of the above. <---- 🎵BE A MAN~🎵

Place of Princes: 5- good night by ~knightJJ on deviantART

Charming doesn’t understand why people sleep without shoes on. He keeps his glued on his feet characters (c) Disney Art (c) me do not use without . Place of Princes: good night


So funny ! xD Place of Princes : 3 - Calling names by ~knightJJ on deviantART

Place of Princes: 4- conflicted by on @deviantART

Place of Princes: conflicted<<Shang obviously isn't gay because he still ends up with Mulan. I think he's more pan because he recovered pretty quickly from the fact that Mulan was a girl.

Place of Princes: 6- a stroll in the park by on @deviantART

Come on! Poor Milo, still my favorite prince. -Place of Princes: a stroll in the park by knightJJ on deviantART

What if all the Disney princes lived together in one castle?

What if all the Disney princes lived together in one castle?