Place Value Poem.pdf - Google Drive

Awesome place value poem to have hanging in the classroom! Students can easily memorize this poem and then they will always know their place values.

Place Value Bootcamp - 1st Grade - The Brown Bag Teacher

Place Value Bootcamp - 1st Grade

Teacher Tipster (Place Value Song) "This man is amazing. He has tons a resources, songs, tips, etc. He really is amazing!

Place Value Song Rap - 4th Grade  (Hand Motions Too)

Place Value Song Rap - Grade (Hand Motions Too) Awesome way for students to incorporate dance and singing into learning! Great for kinesthetic learners!

Seuss activities: Place value game great for whole-group assessing. Packet includes a 3D place value manipulative as well.

Practice place value with this quick, easy and super-fun "Cat in the Hat" laminated place value mat game. Students take turns calling out a 2 or number. Using a dry erase marker, students write the number