Plaigarism checker

First week of school infographic. Reminder about the prevalence of plagiarism in the classroom.

Plagiarism Report – We live in a digital culture where norms around copying, reuse and sharing are colliding with core principles of academic integrity.

Extremely important to educate our students so they know the what, how, and who of cyberbullying. Presenting actual findings will be a good eye opener for students, definitely a must discuss in a technology friendly school. Provides additional websites to visit at the bottom of the image.

7 surprising facts about cyberbullying [Infographic]

Infographic: Cyberbullying - technology is connecting teens in ways they can’t escape

How to Use Creative Commons Images on Your Site

How to Use Creative Commons Visuals

Creative Commons Infographic - How to use and properly attribute Creative Commons photos

Professors & Social Media - Best Colleges Online

Professors & Social Media - Best Colleges Online

Cheating in High School and College: The Numbers

Cheating by the Numbers Infographic- I would very much like to do a professional development seminar on this at MKS. Cheating here is rampant.

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ESSAY Prompt:Essay Starter is an iPad application designed for writers, students and professionals.

How do hunger and obesity affect the body? Our latest #infographic has the facts.

Being overweight can cause depression, anxiety, and more problems. Excessive neck and throat fat can put pressure on nerves.

Digital Research Infographic about pros and cons of student internet searches.

Digital Research Infographic - I like this - it may well inspire the rewriting of my research skills unit plan for next year