Handling harassment, 1940. (from PLANET COMICS)

Handling harassment, (from PLANET COMICS) retro vintage comic book pop art

Glamorous female stars of DC Comics published by 'Forbidden Planet', 2015. ™ & © DC Comics

Stylish playing cards featuring the glamorous, superpowered female stars of the alternate reality world of DC Comics, published by 'Forbidden Planet', 2015

How do you explain this!? Maybr it's because other planets are more advanced in their exceptance. And they did their best to evacuate said city as well. :)

Explain this Bullshit!

That's Earth for you. The Sokovia Accords are very similar to the Geneva Conventions; the main difference is that the GCs were to prevent Nuclear war. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

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And finally, I don't know who this is by, but it's just so brilliantly coloured and handled. Love the way the woman sidesteps that spear and that title is unbeatable - "Giants of the Golden Atom.

Planet Comics #72

issue of Planet Comics. How can anyone resist the combination of damsel in distress, rifle-wielding space man, and tall, green-skinned alien Viking satyr?

Actually green lantern protects more area in space than Jedi. And doctor who saves timelines only on earth so technically he would be after super man. But then again technically he protects the same amount as green lantern because there are infinite amounts of timelines. (if I said anything about doctor who that's incorrect it is because the show was too boring so I never bothered watching it.)

Yaassssss the Doctor is King! He saved the Universe and the Outside of the Universe!

Golden Age (1938-1955):Science Fiction, Planet Comics #64 (Fiction House, 1950) CGC VF 8.0 Off-whitepages.... Image #1

Golden Age Fiction, Planet Comics (Fiction House, CGC VF Off-whitepages.

Alex Ross - Gatchaman vol 3 DVD Box Art (Battle of the Planets) Comic Art

Alex Ross - Gatchaman vol 3 DVD Box Art (Battle of the Planets) Comic Art

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Cover scan of Planet Comics, No. Fiction House, July Cover by Joe Doolin.