Fernan Federici’s microscopic images of plants, bacteria, and crystals are a classic example of finding art in unexpected places.

Spectacular Microscopic Art Is Also World-Changing Science

thelatvian: “ Fernan Federici – Microscopic Photographs of Plants These surreal images are microscopic photographs of various plants, taken by Dr. He is a postdoctoral researcher at.

Find out more about plants under the microscope in this video from Kew.  Plants under the microscope, wood anatomy at Kew Gardens -  (Photo Peter Gasson RBG Kew)

rug pattern for ali bedroom. size ~ Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) cross section - inspiration for a crochet piece

I love the detail in this! This is a plant cell. The range of sizes of circles makes it very eye catching and interesting to look at. It makes you want to look closer which makes a great image. Again this could be easily repeated and continued to create a print.

Cellular cross section of a plant stem cell. What a beautiful mosaic patterm!

UMASS Amherst Soil and Plant Tissues Testing.

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Introduction to Plant Tissue Cultures | eHow

Introduction to Plant Tissue Cultures

A cottage garden window with flowers and plants tissue paper | Zazzle

A cottage garden window with flowers and plants tissue paper

A cottage garden window with flowers and plants tissue paper | Zazzle

Naples garlic   The structure of garlic could be mistaken for exquisite coloured glass. When a tiny stem section is stained with toluidine blue, a dye that builds up in the acidic parts of tissue, nucleic acids show up in blue. The dark spot is a bundle of vascular tissue that carries nutrients and fluids up the stem. The full image is a composite of 55 shots.

Gallery - Psychedelic plants: The inner beauty of common species - Image Naples garlic, by Bob Kesseler - New Scientist

Magenta ® Plant Culture 7-Way Tray -Carries vessels or culture tubes through continuous plant tissue culture operations including washing, filling, autoclaving, transporting and incubating without extra handling   Shelving module, resting on incubation rack channels instead of shelves Ventilates and eliminates hot spots between shelves, allows for more closely spaced shelves on rack   Allows more even lighting. Autoclavable and reusable Capacity: 8 Magenta GA-7/ GA-7-3 or 36 25mm culture…

Sigma-Aldrich offers Magenta™ vessel for your research needs.

Plant tissue culture media - is an effective way of cultivating new and rare breeds of plants in an artificial created environment.

Plant Tissue Culture Media Preparation is based on the unique property of the cell-totipotency. We are introducing an extensive range of Ready to use Plant Tissue Culture Medium.

Plant Tissue Culture: Cloning of the Future?

Cannabis Plant Tissue Culture at Cultivar Syndicate. Photo courtesy of Oleg Zharsky. Plant tissue culture is a method of propagation that has been sprouting in

Plant tissue Culture 6.5

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