Upcycled Cable Spool Custom Chalkboard Top by PipThePaintedPig, $150.00

What a lovely idea in a secret corner of the garden. Where the fairies live.Upcycled Cable Spool Custom Chalkboard Top by PipThePaintedPig

Fairy cable reel. By Amazing TA!!

Old Cable Reel Becomes a Magical Fairyland: Super cute! Any child, boy or girl would love to play with this! Parent and child project. By Amazing TA!

I would love to play the drums! This is something I'd love to learn and do, I wish I did and could. Perhaps one day?!

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Use cable reels as tables for play areas, both indoors and outdoors. Can paint them all kinds of fun colors! This black one makes me think of chalkboard paint! - B

What to do with a cable reel?