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This picture shows a load of what seem to be rock music disks which is why i felt it relates to the bands identity.

Friday Dopamine Dump (37 Photos)

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#Music #Rock Live session 002 #sansfiltre by People Act Magazine.fr >> PLAY

"Nas Drovie": One Shot Session 002 par People Act Magazine

so true. When the world gets crazy I hit the music button.i would probably just live in the music world for the rest of my life

- Bonnes sœurs ou Drag Queens?  - Gothiques!

Well behaved nuns rarely make history, whereas beer swilling, guitar playing ones make a name for themselves.

AC/DC-'It was one of those nights   When you turned out the lights   And everything comes into view'

Hard rock related ~ I met these two while they were in town for a show and they were so kind and generous with their time signing autos and posing for pics. Angus Young and Brian Johnson AC/DC

DIY Color and Craft ...Fabulous Mandala Turtles for you to color and play with. Comes in color, too. Free sample avaialble. Printable, coloring page, 3D coloring, Hattifant, kids craft, grown up coloring

Oh wow, what gorgeous Turtle Printable. this adorable printable brings together 3 of my favourite things - Turtles, Mandalas and Coolring Pages. I simply ADORE them!

Jimi Hendrix »« Woodstock »('68 Fender Stratocaster). Paul Allen a acheté cette vente aux enchères pour 1,3 millions d'euros.

nuf said: Jimi Hendrix' "Woodstock" Fender Stratocaster). Paul Allen bought this at auction for million.

UNDER THE INFLUENCE -- It's been a long time since I ROCK n ROLL!! ... When MTV used to play ROCK MUSIC back in the 80's!!  Lemme get it back, Lemme get it back ...!!!! ▶ Led Zeppelin - Live Aid -1985.07.13 . Full Concert Playlist: 01. Rock And Roll 02. Whole Lotta Love 03. Stairway To Heaven (Inset).

Full Concert Playlist: Rock And Roll Whole Lotta Love Stairway To Heaven