Playground Flooring Safety: Make sure your playground is safe and fall height safety rated with this all inclusive guide to playground flooring safety. Learn the surfaces to avoid and the appropriate tiiles, mats and mulch that will keep your kids safe and your mind at ease.

Playground Flooring Safety: The Ultimate Guide

Keep playtime both safe and fun with our ultimate guide to playground flooring safety. Fall height safety ratings, other safety surface tips & more!

Rubber Playground Mats - Outdoor Playground Mats, Bounce Back Tiles

Bounce Back Rubber Playground Mats

Rubber Bounce Back playground tiles are available in ft tiles. Use durable rubber playground mats for school, park or business playgrounds.

Photo Friday: Playground flooring in action! Thinking about creating a home playground? Here's your inspiration!

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Photo Friday: Playground flooring in action! Thinking about creating a home playground?

Take a look at these 2x2 foot interlocking playground tiles. They're safe, comfortable and convenient!

Interlocking Playground Tile BB 2.5 Inch Colors

Take a look at these foot interlocking playground tiles. Theyre safe, comfortable and convenient!

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a little too busy could use a bit more space even a few sq feet, but I love the spongy foam ground.

WET POUR RUBBER FLOORING. artificial grass school playground

(Safety)Playground rubber has been used in outside play area for the safety of children.It allows freedom in playing by minimising any risk.

All your Playground Flooring options in one place with the pros & cons of each option.

Playground Flooring

Curious about playground flooring? We'll answer all your questions -- Playground Flooring: The Good, the Bad, and the Fun!

Playground Flooring - Rubber Surfaces, Tiles, and Mulch for Playgrounds

The best source for safety playground surfaces. On sale and designed for outdoor playgrounds including mulch, tiles and interlocking flooring.