Top 15 Parachute Games For Kids: gear up for some fun with these 15 parachute games for your kids.

15 Interesting Parachute Games For Kids

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Draw with sidewalk chalk, fun simple obstacle course. Add some steps to jump off of, and maybe something to crawl through. Something to hang on and water at the end.

What do you do when you don’t know what to do outdoors? | Creative STAR Learning | I'm a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!

Creative playground markings [ "Creative playground markings -use painter's tape on the carpet and use for indoor recess!", "What do you do when you don’t

In het 1ste leerjaar, leren de kinderen het verschil tussen links en rechts. Eenmaal ze dat wat onder de knie hebben, komen ze er ook achter dat als je dit in een spiegel doet dat de andere eigenlijk net het omgekeerde doet. Met dit spelletje kunnen ze dit verder oefenen op de speelplaats. De kleuren maken het hen wat gemakkelijker. More

Write Leader on one circle. Could make 2 or more pairs. Can also paint a board game, colored squares. Teachers can adapt to their "cards"/questions. Paint different mazes for kids to "walk" through

The best PE and sport games for kindergarten, grade 1, 2 and 3 • Rob the nest • A quick paced basketball dribbling game. Check out for heaps more.

Kindergarten to Grade 2 PE Games - Complete Sport Skill and Games Pack 2017

Elastics - we played this all the time at school, but they don't seem to play it anymore.

Elastics was fun

French skipping, we played this all the time at school. We used to spend a lot of time making the 'rope' out of elastic bands. Later versions used elastic.

How To Paint Asphalt Games: One of the easiest ways to spruce up a playground is to paint on a few asphalt games!

Bright games painted on a cement or asphalt surface are a welcome addition to any playground! Use the suggested patterns, or think back to your own childhood to come up with possible games.

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