Deep valleys, a bridge and a giant slide are elements of the Carve-designed Zorlu Playground in Istanbul. Click image for link to tweet and visit the boards >>

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Deep valleys, a bridge and a giant slide are elements of the Carve-designed Zorlu Playground in Istanbul.

Carve creates challenging roller-coaster playground

"Play Garland Oosterpark" in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - photo by Marleen Beek, via Landezine; a long "garland" that meanders up and down and around, with a slide on one end; designed by Carve

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To design parks are to design public spaces, but how could you design a park that could attract people to gather, instead of designing a traditional plaza space? Or is it purely spatial qualities?

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Completed in 2014 in Tychy, Poland. Images by Tomasz Zakrzewski . Paprocany lake is the place where inhabitants of Tychy often spend their spare-time/(free time). In the neighborhood of the promenade there is.

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Tyre edging around the grass mound protects the mound but also provides opportunities for climbing and balance

This is most like what UPS already had made by Bill

Want your little kids to explore and be more active outdoors? Then you've got to give them something that's really fun and entertaining, like this DIY outdoor music wall! There are many ways to create an outdoor music or sound wall,

Grass slopes / tunnels / slides / rocky climbing - this has it all.

Change in elevation or mounding of green space in areas could also create natural play space for kids. Also, the prairie grasses and other landscaping that are natural to our region are nice to incorporate.

pergola with acrylic panels - I love the colored shadows Fris en kleurrijk: maakt je meteen vrolijk zo'n afdak ipv de golfplaten nu...

Infinite Playgrounds specialises in playground design and construction, including educational play areas and wooden playgrounds.

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-Landscape Architect - Bachelor's or master's degree in landscape architecture - Yes must work with laborers and other architects - Landscape architects design attractive and functional public parks, gardens, playgrounds, residential areas, college camp