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Decorative and functional, canopies by Infinite Playgrounds offer a new, intriguing dynamic to outdoor spaces.

Thank you to everyone who has clicked the link in my Instagram bio to have a look at my barefoot sensory path post.

Sensory path in front of lilac bush.

This would be a great adaption for any centre that has a hill to work with.


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Grass slopes / tunnels / slides / rocky climbing - this has it all.

The long term vision for the Playscape at Ripley integrates the area currently used for the Concord Children's Center playground with the new, accessible, natural playscape features as well as.

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maybe with a water "river" around the boat

Add a sand box garden, bridge

Forest Story House | Playline Playground Equipment

The forest story house provides shelter from the weather. The forest story house doubles as a play house and as an outdoor teaching hub.

Natural Playground Inspiration {Outdoors Play, Organic Playgrounds}

Natural Playground Inspiration {Organic Playgrounds}

Natural woodland playground for the wee ones

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backyard sensory path -- what a fun things to walk on for kids adults! this would make a great boarder to the play area