Plot anchor chart

TtT: Step 2 (continued) Minerva, Mate, their husbands and patria's got caught and sent to prison. The girls were freed from prison while the men stayed.

Plot Structure Anchor Chart - Mini Anchor Charts are a great addition to your interactive reading journal

Reading Strategies Mini Anchor Charts

These 15 mini anchor charts are a great addition to your interactive reader's notebook. Each anchor chart gives an explanation of a reading strategy or skill.

Plot Anchor Chart- This blog post about using a picture book to reinforce plot elements contains a freebie!

Ice Blue II

TtT step Exposition: The Mirabal family lives on a farm in the Dominican Republic while under the reign of the Dictator Trujillo. Rising Action: The Mirabal sisters become involved in the revolution in order to make a change in their country.

Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher: October 2012: Plot Anchor Chart

What is Plot? Adventures of a Grade Teacher: anchor charts, I remember learning this in middle school and think that I could even start it in my grade classroom. Visuals will be extremely beneficial for my students.

Plot anchor chart - saw a couple of versions of this on Pinterest and made one for my class :)

see other examples . add character and setting (put with THEME poster) to include story elements