The Infamous "Slim Thug" of OverTime Bullies

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Are you Pitbull, lovers? If Yes Read the types of Pitbull Breeds that are really popular right now. This list of Pitbull breed is very famous because of everybody loves them.

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Meet White Rhino The Famous and Most Expensive American Bully. This bully is very rare. Check all the informations about this Expensive American Bully

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So you already have an American bully and you think they are good pet did you know that there are Bully Dog breeds also that is smart and amazing like Ameri

Keebre' mini pocket bully ' yes i have created a mini pitbull B-)

A miniature pit bull. They weigh between 22 and 34 pounds. Only 10 to 14 inches tall.

Lil ruby' blue extreme pocket bully puppie female

Lil ruby' blue extreme pocket bully puppy female Beauty, but why do people continue to crop their ears and doc their tails? Why inflict unnecessary pain?