Hello friends! Today I'm sharing a Pocket Letter Guide that gives an explanation about what to include in your Pocket Letter. This guide is very similar to the one I posted on my Youtube video, "Basic

Janette Lane's Pocket Letter Guide (Janette Lane)

Pocket letter pals layout idea- send a card protector filled with little things as a cute alternative to a 'normal' letter

Christmas Pocket Letters by Lorrie Nunemaker

I have been making Christmas Pocket Letters. I have been making A LOT of Christmas Pocket Letters. I may have gone overbo.

Janette Lane: Pocket Letter Tips & Ideas

talent or skill do you have that you are grateful for? "Crafty" like pocket letters, diy projects. (Janette Lane: Pocket Letter Tips & Ideas)

Pocket Letters Q

Pocket Letters Q&A (Janette Lane)

Since I started Pocket Letters and Pocket Letter Pals, certain questions are frequently asked. I already answered some questions in this post: Pocket Letter FAQs, but more have arisen since then. I ho