erin hanson - wow! this poem, idk, its inspiring me even though it tells of a broken story, does that make sense?

I don't know why I told you I was good at letting go, for all I do now's watch dead flowers, & pray somehow they'll grow.

So apparently... They sent out all the emails for the new vet tech students.. And i'm not one of them. So yeah. But she said she'd call me back. So idk

Let the Dead Leaves Drop

Wandering the Good... - mattspenser:   #poetry #poem #poetryisnotdead...

I will not love You in secret between shadows and stolen whispers, but under the light of the sun, the fullest moon, and all the stars will bear witness and be filled with the joy, that pours from me.

Missing you, Dad. So grateful for my time with you in this world and looking so forward to seeing you in the next.

If I never see you again, I will always carry you inside, outside. On my fingertips and at brain edges. And in centers, centers of what I am, of what remains - Charles Bukowski

Some people are foolish enough to believe making a big public display of "grief" makes up for what despicable human beings they are, and were, when the dead person was alive. Pretending to have a heart and give a fuck about someone they treated like shit when the person was alive, - kidding themselves into believing they might somehow be able to avoid the inescapable full-circle karma-fuck that no doubt, awaits them.

Profound, also about continuing to pay respects to those no longer present in everyday life.<<<also this was said Anne Frank who is just awesome