A letter to my daughters

A letter to my daughters. YOU 3 are the air I breathe and the reason my heart beats

Fantastic letter to any child, or anyone! Good things to help set perspective on life!!!

Fantastic letter to any child, or anyone! Good things to help set perspective on life!

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To my boys, no matter what you decide or where you are, I will always love you and wish the best for you, even if I am not included.

My Dad's Birthday in Heaven | Happy Birthday Dad in heaven. | In Loving Memory of my Daddy

Happy Birthday Dad in heaven. You would have been 85 today! Wishing you a beautiful first birthday in heaven. Love you.

Never had a chance to feel all these things. It was taken from me by someone I don't even know.

To My Daughter - She's The Air That I Breathe HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are the greatest daughter anyone could have, I love you from here to the moon and back.

Being a mother ..

Being a mother ..

A non religious funeral poem

I keep telling myself that you are in a better place, away from all the sufferings. But a world without you has given me nothing to look forward to.

We love you so much Zephyr and though our time with you was far too short we are so grateful for the time we did have with you. Our precious little gift from God how we miss and love you so you are our beautiful little boy forever loved and greatly missed; we wish that you were still here!!! Many XOXOXO's to you in heaven above! We look forward to the day we can be a family again.

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Lynn Kramer-Put (@thequeensscene) on Instagram: What every little girl should be told...

This is such a good message of love for every little girl growing up. I'll teach my daughter(s) this one day.

Something to remember when being  with all older people....

I love this beautiful letter about aging, love and the cycles of life. I have found it in many places online, but had a hard time tracking down the origins.

To my two beautiful daughters

To my two beautiful daughters