Vänskap handlar inte om vem du känt längst. Det handlar om vem som kom in i ditt liv och sa: ”Jag finns här om du behöver mig.” ...och bevisade det.

Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said “I’m here for you” and proved it – Best Friend Quotes

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Not the kind of girl guys fall in love with. Sadly this is true for me. I've never been in love and I'm fairly certain no guy has ever loved me. I'm just waiting for that special someone to enter my life. Waiting is hard.

You and I can love each other ... and know it’s honest and pure

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Beautifully written. I feel this way too. Lack of trust from being hurt too many times. You don't know who to believe. I keep my guard up constantly. It's going to take someone very special and have patience to break through.

All this is applicable to me except the "I always get the part". I have the bestest of the best ppl as my friends and a loving family

I was about to tell you this but then I couldn't it's really hard and idk if you like me back. We'll know ik you don't like me back but your ok with it. But I'm not.

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The best quote about friendship ever, from Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh.

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I'll always be with you! How utterly beautiful ❤️❤️ Pooh Bear is my favorite ! Made mom and dad still call me 'Pooh Bear'

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listen closely to the songs I play because the lyrics speak the words I fail to say. Ed Sheeran

You were my first choice for 3 years now and for you i wasnt even a thought. You pushed me away like i was nothing, less than trash. At least you pick up trash. For me you just keep kickin me while im already knocked out on the floor.

Not that I don't have best friends, but all my friends are closer to at least one person than they are to me. I'm nobody's closest friend, I'm second best friend at most.

Bedtime is hard, can't shut my mind off....think about you all the time and missing you so much!

It isn't fair when you know a simple thought from them could rearrange you. All that remains is the hope that somewhere along the way you discarded a stronger more vivacious version of yourself. A fragment to be called upon when you have nothing left.


When I told my friend I was cutting again she looked at me straight in the eyes and said “I love you no matter what okay?” And I almost started crying

@ my ex best friends I was there for you thick and thin, but you couldn't be there for me. I now see where I stood.

Those are my initials as well (even though I didn't write it).so true--- Wow, not only has this been the story of my life, but also our initials are even the same!