This may be the most incredible thing I have ever read. If you are ever lucky enough to feel this, do yourself a favorite and hold on.

Kiss someone who makes you feel their magic in your bones, who makes you wonder how someone who looks like witchcraft at midnight taste so holy.

thepoeticunderground: Returning.September 8th 2015.

thepoeticunderground: Returning.September 8th 2015. (wonder / wander)

"Perhaps we only leave so we may once again arrive, to get a bird's eye view of what it means to be alive. For there is beauty in returning, oh how wonderful, how strange, to see that everything is different but know it's only you who's changed.

Great loves are as comfortable in silence as they are in conversation

HE AND I When words run dry, he does not try, nor do I. We are on par. He just is, I just am and we just are. by Lang Leav

word on the street

I'd love to listen to purple trees. And I long to read blue elephants.

Pablo Neruda poetry art print moon quote poster by Riverwaystudios

Pablo Neruda poetry art print, moon quote poster, wall decor

Pablo Neruda - As if you were on fire from within, the moon lives in the lining of your skin

I AM SOUL that is what I got out of this amazing truth in words..                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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You are not what others perceive you to be or define you by you are the person you always have been inside the person you personally know you are inside Don't let other ppl define who u r only u know