Sogar aus Kissen könnt ihr schnell Pokémon basteln. Ihr braucht nur die Hauptmerkmale, wie Gesicht und Schwanz, draufnähen, draufkleben oder draufmalen. Hier: Schiggy, Bisasam und Glumanda. | Pokémon-Party DIY

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Pokemon starter pillows are an easy DIY for gifts.

POKEMON-Inspired Butt Bookmarks Are Real and You Want Them

Need a marker for your book while you take a break and catch some Pokémon? Why not a bookmark featuring a Pokémon butt? Inspired by Pokémon.

NEW POKEBOMS Bath bombs with Pokemon by BerwynBettysBathShop

I already bought a package of cheap Pokemon mini figures from Wish a while back, maybe this would be worth looking into

DIY Pokemon Gift Wrap and Pokemon Gift Ideas #AwesomeMoment #ad

DIY Pokemon Gift Wrap & Pokemon Gift Ideas

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DIY Pokemon Mason Jars, perfect for Pokemon and Pokemon GO themed parties. How to make Pikachu, Squirtle and a Poke Ball.

DIY Pokemon Mason Jars, perfect formon and Pokemon GO themed parties. How to make Pikachu, Squirtle and a Poke Ball.

Idea pokemon card

Picture like this, except all 7 dragon balls, and on the inside it say "if I could have one wish, it would be to be with you"

Pokemon Pokeball Pillow Tutorial | Sewing Tutorial | #InspirationSpotlight

Pokemon Go Pokeball Pillow Tutorial

This Pokéball is upside down but this is still pretty cool Pokemon Pokeball Pillow Tutorial

I’m sure all you nerds like me out there don’t need much explanation for this project :D I made it from some scraps I had from some blanket projects earlier. I decided to just let the s…

Supersized Pokeball Pillow Sewing tutorial: a super cozy pillow to remind you of all of your Pokemon adventures. Patterns for both a huge and manageable size.