James trolling Jessie...Rocket was actually everyone's favorite. I love James!

James trolling Jessie

James trolling Jessie James is probably my favorite character in Pokemon. He and Brock really tie.<<< I love team rocket 😂😂

Team Rocket members Jessie, James, and Meowth in the Pokemon Anime http://anime.about.com/od/Anime-Blu-Ray-and-DVD-Reviews/fl/Pokemon-the-Series-XY-Set-2-DVD-Review.htm

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So.,. This is the Whole Story, I Guess?

So.,. This is the Whole Story, I Guess?

Jesse x James, after a lot of thunder shocks and bolts, and explosions and all that, well, they deserve a happy ending themselves.

Pokemon and fairy tail

😂😂 so much in comes, even though I don't like Team Rocket - Fairy Tail & Pokemon ~ DarksideAnime