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Latias is the younger of the duo, with a more cheerful and playful personality than its older sibling, Latios. While there are more than one, they have been shown to always be created in pairs.

It's That Easy!

It's That Easy!

I'm a guy but I was more than happy I got Latias. Most boys want Latios "cuz it looks cooler" nah. Latias is alot cooler and I like her attitude more. She is all around cooler.

Latias Wants a Ride Too #Pokemon

Latias Wants a Ride Too

Project for school...Mega Latias

Latias is a Dragon/Psychic type Pokémon introduced in Generation It is known as the Eon Pokémon.

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Pokemon Latias and Latios - the two of them always look so sweet together