Pikachu wants to come in!!

15 Unique and Inventive Cell Phone Lock Screens

Whether you upgraded your OS, got a new phone, or are just plain getting tired of your old background, here are some fresh ideas for making that screen . View Unique and Inventive Cell Phone Lock Screens" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Dan and phil. If they ever stop talking to each other when they are older, like they got in a huge fight years back, I'm going to be so freaking mad. I will literally kidnap them and lock them a closet playing all their videos together on a tv screen. The room would be filled with Pokemon, pics of Simon, fan fiction, and of course, LIONS AND LLAMAS.

internet friends are real friends too :')<<Ye but Dan and Phil are married

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My entry for : "Draw Me a Pokemon" c: Contest by Celebi using Psychic on the water to make bubbles c: if I win, I call out Latias! Celebi, Pokemon (c) N.

Original 151 Pokemon phone wallpapers - Imgur

Original 151 Pokemon phone wallpapers

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