Pokemon sun legendary

Solgaleo http://sketchbook.wittastic.com/post/144310186198/some-adorable-transparent-legendaries-for-your

Eeveelution Fan, mewitti: Some adorable transparent legendaries.

A CELEBRATORY PIC... i couldn't just draw nothing after seeing such amazing pokemon. there's nothing i don't love so far! i'm definitely getting moon version.

Pokemon Sun legendary Solgaleo and Pokemon Moon legendary Lunala chibi forms 😊

nebby - pokemon sun and moon by Dilutra on DeviantArt

nebby - pokemon sun and moon by Dilutra on DeviantArt<<< cats looooove boxes

Figured Out the Sun and Moon Villains

I was told that the new Sun legendary is week against fire type moves but I'm not sure

Pokemon Sun legendary and starters. That look though on the Sun Legendary( Looks like he wants to eat/attack Rowlett).

Pokemon Sun legendary and starters, I really love them all. Even Poplio.

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Legendary pokemon out of pokemon mystery dungeon and other pokemon games!


Skyward Sword Link is always falling through the sky, so he could use that skill for some devastating body slams! (especially if he falls from a great height) No need for the Ending/Fatal Blow!

Pokemon' weights are always weird

honestly it's like going to a zoo and seeing a zoo keeper caring a rino on top of a elephant on top of a hippo