The Internet Reacts To Pokémon Go's Team Leaders

The Internet Reacts To Pokémon Go's Team Leaders

Much Impressive

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That moment when team Mystic's Blanche turns into Kyoto Ootori


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A little piece of advice

Except the cemetery thing. Cemeteries literally haves handfuls of Pokestops. But make sure to make the right choices while playing Pokemon Go!

Pokemon go team leaders reaction to cheating

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How the Team Leaders React to Cheating - Candela of Valor, Blanche of Mystic, and Spark of Instinct (Pokemon GO)

"Team Instinct" by Surfaçage. Pinning this again, it's the best thing everLOOK AT THE WITTLE VAPEOREON PINNING FOR DAT

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"Team Instinct" by Surfaçage. I'm not on Team Instinct but this is still cool

Mystic is still the best team 43% of players are in team Mystic. 25 are in Instinct and 35 are in Valor. Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie are in team Mystic so ... XD

Team Leaders Pledge

Omg honestly I just chose Mystic as my team because I like Articunos the most out of the three