Pokemon team rocket

fave team rocket trio things [source: wendycorduroy.tumblr.com] - YEEEES! All of this ^^^^^

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Team Rocket is basically perfect. New idea: Pokémon anime but just team rocket instead of ash

Pokémon: Gotta Catch 'Em All! Awwwwww!

James wearing a Weezing sweatshirt and Jessie wearing an Arbok sweatshirt

I love this except for the fact that it's Weezing, not Koffing

prepare for trouble

Wow they are nicer to wild Pokémon than ash just throwing his balls at them

HE TRIED TO KILL ASH TWICE AND HE SURVIVED (im not even part of the Harry Potter fandom and I found this funny)

I just noticed.

Pokemon Trainer Ash Defeated Lord Voldemort Twice But maybe Voldemort killed Ash's Father.

Double trouble when you're with your bestie

Gather round, let me tell you a fun thing about my country's school system. You are always in class with the same people. Your classmates are the people who were last year. And who will be next year. Same in high school.

A scene from my favourite Pokémon episode.

This is one of my favorite episodes! I proves that James really has a heart!