fave team rocket trio things [source:] - YEEEES! All of this ^^^^^

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Team Rocket is basically perfect. New idea: Pokémon anime but just team rocket instead of ash

Pokemon - Team Rocket Motto by TheBlueOwl

Pokemon - Team Rocket Motto | Poster

‘Pokemon - Team Rocket Motto’ Poster by TheBlueOwl

A scene from my favourite Pokémon episode.

This is one of my favorite episodes! I proves that James really has a heart!

James FTW ;) my favorite character lol and meowth oh and let's not forget Jesse ^.^

James FTW

I love this despite the fact that the person who wrote this, wrote Pokemons instead of Pokémon but that doesn't matter XD

Pokémon: Gotta Catch 'Em All! Awwwwww!

James wearing a Weezing sweatshirt and Jessie wearing an Arbok sweatshirt

You never learn anything watching TV, eh?Team Rocket Logic!

Team Rocket Motivation for everyone! << Team Rocket: ideal role models for kids since.

I may have stumbled onto Rocket turf...

I may have stumbled onto Rocket turf...

I love this except for the fact that it's Weezing, not Koffing

Wow they are nicer to wild Pokémon than ash just throwing his balls at them

Happy ending - 9GAG

Happy ending

Jesse x James, after a lot of thunder shocks and bolts, and explosions and all that, well, they deserve a happy ending themselves.

Team Rocket cares about Ash

team rocket CARES <--- of course they do Team Rocket's Jessie and James are the best ! They might see Ash as family