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We rarely see polar bears outside of a snowy Arctic environment, but these bears are no strangers to having fun in the summer! In a rare series of images by Canadian photographer Dennis Fast, these white giants are seen frolicking in a field of fireweed. The photos were taken in Northern Canada’s Hudson Bay, near lodges run by Churchill Wild in Manitoba.

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Knut the polar bear

In pictures: Knut the polar bear

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'Polar Bear Cub Standing On Hind Legs' - photo by Ken Graham / Getty Images

'Polar Bear Cub Standing On Hind Legs' - photo by Ken Graham / Getty Images Mais

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IMAGE: Animals of the polar climate. Discuss what features the animal has that makes it ideal for this type of climate.

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This polar bear cub is the cutest thing you'll see today

Safe and secure: A polar bear cub nuzzles up to its mother against a gorgeous sunset

International Polar Bear Day: Amazing images of the Arctic predator

It appears that polar bears enjoy a beautiful sunset too! This mama bear cuddles with her adorably small cub while the sun sets in the orange and pink sky.

Next to penguins, polar bears are the most amazing animals that manage to survive in the coldest places on earth. They live in extreme conditions even with the sea ice melting and the waters ...

25 Fascinating Little Known Facts About Polar Bears

In the Vienna Zoo the 15 years old Polar Bear Olinka gave birth to male twins by the end of November

Wildlife photographer Thomas Kokta travelled from his home in Washington state to Manitoba, Canada to capture these stunning images of a pol...

Photographer captures rare phenomenon of polar bear triplets in wild

Wildlife photographer, Thomas Kokta, captured these young polar bear cubs playing in the wilderness of Manitoba, Canada.

Polar bear mom and cub

This image made me immensely sad. Polar bear and baby cub. In a man-made environment. Will they last for future generations to see them?

Polar Bear - fewer than 25,000 Human development and poaching have long threatened the polar bear, but climate change and the loss of sea ice are now pushing it onto the critical list.

10 Species Near Extinction - Photo Essays

THE BAD.Polar Bear :) I have this crazy little thing called the love of ice. Humans please make sure we have a future. can i just meet these beautiful creatures?

Please check out WWF and the great things they do for Polar Bears.  I have added a blog that talks about this too.  I invite you to read and learn more about the endangered polar bears at http://cameoburton.weebly.com/polar-bears.html

Speak Up for Polar Bear Cubs, don't leave them in the puddles. help fight climate change by signing & sharing this petition to urge President Obama to limit carbon pollution from coal fired power plants!