''Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark - clean, crisp voice with an honesty to it; means business but soothing at the same time''

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I wrote Kieran O'Connell before I ever saw PBS' POLDARK. But as soon as I saw Ross Poldark (played by Aidan Turner) I thought to myself "That's Kieran!

Aidan Turner from Poldark. He's such a beautiful man!

Aidan Turner from Poldark. He's such a beautiful man! Got the perfect eyebrows…

Aidan Turner<---He's in Poldark, thats where I noticed him, lol.

Unveiled, the new Demelza, Princess of Poldark

BBC One: Aidan Turner ( will star as Ross Poldark in our new adaptation of Winston Graham’s 'Poldark'. --- --- before Colin Firth made Mr. Darcy popular, the original Poldark was everyone's love. now Aidin Turner!


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"You're the most stubborn, pigheaded!" - Ross and Demelza #Poldark

Most perfectly representative scene of their marriage :)

He is sooooo damn sexy. He don't even need to try...

“Pics of contemplating a fan's question at the 2010 London Film & Comic Con.