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End Police Brutality

May the full horror of your actions be revealed to you.

Police Brutality United States Ferguson

I feel like this is just another example how the criminal system looks at black men. As you can see in the picture it literally one boy with 4 guns pointing at him.

Twelve minute video of one unprovoked attack after another by the police.  Wake up folks.  And don't think it's only black folks getting this attention. The cover video of black woman pinned on car hood is crazy.  The evil cop reaches around to spray her in the face with mace.  She was totally compliant.

Some Police Brutality over a Produced Track Called 30 cops or More lil Somthing for The Black Mind Set In America to Never Forget The Sons And Daughters.

Police brutality The Best Police Brutality Caught On Tape Shocking) PSGW go to 7:16

Police brutality The Best Police Brutality Caught On Tape Shocking) PSGW

One Simple Accessory Could Stop Police Brutality for Good

Cops are now required to wear camera on their vest because society could twist the words and actions of police officers. Also it could minimize the excessive force that are being used while a cop is on duty, and make society feel somewhat safe.

Rodney Glen King (April 2, 1965 – June 17, 2012) was an African-American construction worker who, while on parole for robbery, became nationally known after being beaten with excessive force by Los Angeles police officers following a high-speed car chase on March 3, 1991. George Holliday, a resident in the nearby area, witnessed the beating and videotaped much of it from the balcony of his nearby apartment.

Khristian Odey X Cops " Damn White Man " by Cosby Odey ( PearL Game) on SoundCloud

Another Black killed by police ‘We Are NOT Living In A Post-Racial Society!’Jon Stewart refused to find anything funny about the non-indictment of New York City Police officer Daniel Pantaleo who choked father-of-six Eric Garner to death while the stricken man croaked “I can’t breathe" http://www.addictinginfo.org/2014/12/04/jon-stewart-gets-seriously-angry-about-eric-garner-we-are-not-living-in-a-post-racial-society-video/

Eric Garner Chokehold Police Brutality VIDEO : Black Man Killed By Police From Michael Stubblefield: These cops just blew their integrity. That's MURDER. Still don't want Al Sharpton nor Jesse Jackson around.