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Great way to keep kinders from losing or throwing the dice
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Playing Watch Dogs. Just got the 30G achievement for "escaping" a level 5 police chase because I spawned inside this building I can shoot out of but can't be shot into. Also stuck. http://ift.tt/2uy0D7U
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Play one of the best interactive traffic police games with the police car chase unseen in furious police chase games. Police car chase is a fast action packed traffic police car racing game which tests your highway car driving and chasing skills against the violation of traffic laws. So become a daring policeman, get into traffic police car and chase the traffic offender with great racing spirit to hand them over the law breaking ticket. Supper built TRAFFIC POLICE CHASE: TICKET is truly…
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TIL In 1983 there was a Japanese made Atari game called Lover Boy. You play a naked man chasing women around a Pac-man style maze avoiding the police. If you catch the women you must bring her to orgasm before she can escape. The game was later banned