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If police really wanted blacks dead all they'd have to do would be to stop patrolling black neighborhoods

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Funny Pics That Will Surely Crack You Up

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In my defense, many people along with me love Gay/Yaoi ships. (ZoSan is my OTP)

This is one of my favorite memes

if only the uk had attractive policemen… ^^^ that is correct! :D *crawls under a rock and cries* (from a British 12 year old xD Ruby) -Ruby

LMFAO!! @kimbeierlestoy "Look me up. I'm the Prime Minister of Dick."

A Maury Lie Detector meme. Caption your own images or memes with our Meme Generator.

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How I felt driving home (after a bloody nose) covered in my own blood, but thinking "how do I explain this to the cop?