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try minx nail polish (films) for metallic colors. now available at sephora

Polish poster for Eyes Wide Shut (1999), perhaps not a lost art form entirely

Eyes Wide Shut Polish Poster Polish Posters That Are Better Than the American Originals

"Fellini’s 8 1/2" Polish Movie Poster by Julian Palka (Federico Fellini 1963) / #Movieposter

The Polish film poster for Fellini’s 8 Designed by Julian Palka in 1964 (via the Classic Polish Film Poster Archive). 1964 Polish film poster for via numberoftheday

Solaris || dir. Andriej Tarkowski (1972)

Tarkovsky Marathon #1: Solaris (1972) [10/10]

Great films usually have great poster art, and Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris is no exception. Solaris is Tarkovsky’s filmic adaptation of Stanisław Lem’s 1961 story Solaris.

Polish film poster for Jodorowsky's 'The Holy Mountain'

The Holy Mountain (1973)

Polish film poster for Casablanca designed by Homework

The art of the modern Polish film poster

what-floats-my-boat:    Love in the Afternoon poster1959 Blogspot: polishmovieposter

Would love this poster! Movie Poster of the Week: Billy Wilder’s “Love in the Afternoon” and the Posters of Wojciech Fangor on Notebook

Polish film posters (Terry posters)

repeat type to make a texture- add a large halftone pattern to your images (or any texture) Polish film posters (Terry posters)

Polish Film Posters: Andrzej Pagowski

The Stormy Life of Lasik Roitschwantz Burzliwe zycie Lejzorka A play written by Ilya Grigoryevich Ehrenburg Original Polish theater poster designer: Andrzej Pagowski yea