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Omg are you kidding me

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And yet still people wonder where America's obesity/diabetes rates comes from

Honestly idk what to do with this info or why it's funny but it is. So I'm pinning it.^^^i have no idea what to do with this information…

Italy<--- Aww Poland ball~ | < gay 165°

Yup Polish is weeeeird we have two "u" for no reason and we have to remember when to use "u" or "ó"-_-

Wow I didn't know that I have in my country such a thing

12 Comical Pics for Your Friday

I'm so proud of my people<<>> I'm very proud of our people too xD

I think I've just gained a whole new look on polish people XD

Polish remover

Let's just remove Poland. *Thud* ~~ And drop it on Lithuania (if you don't get the reference I'm so sorry) << Seriously if you don't get you must go watch all of hetalia nOW


The dress of If you use your hand and cover up one nail polish, than the shoe appears to match the other in color. But if you switch and cover up the other one, the shoe matches the first.

Polish language basics

Polish language - basics

Faith in humanity restored

Faith in humanity restored -

Very British problems #funny #lol

Bitcoin World on

I can verify that as a British person, I have said and done all of these things 😂😂

She's so brilliant and such a fucking savage, I love her. Also, "polishing corgis."

She's so brilliant and such a fucking savage, I love her. Also, "polishing corgis.

Most Difficult Language To Learn

How to say "two" and "second" in Polish? Polish - the most difficult language to learn.

38 Pretty Hilarious Quotes

38 Pretty Hilarious Quotes

"I'm a pacifist." He said, putting his hands up. "Yeah well I'm about to pass a fist across your face.

As a polish person who warches the news i can tell you that this happens all the time. The priests even said the same thing about hello kitty and monster high.

Russel Howard

Atheism, Religion, Christianity, God is Imaginary, Satan. "Lego is a tool of Satan and can destroy children's souls warns Polish priest." Lego isn't dangerous for kids.