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Anna Munro, Scottish suffragette and founder of the Women’s Freedom League. In 1912 she walked from Edinburgh to London to protest womens' right to vote.

Not politically correct now, but i loved my golly, i own a small modern one bought before the last uproar about them being sold in the queen's giftshop,     Dean's Childsplay Toys Golly, British, 1970S

Dean's Childsplay Toys Golly, British, Every British kid had a golly and I wanted one too - mine was like this with striped blue pants and I loved him. I had no idea where the Golliwog came from…

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Charlotte Caron - paint on perspex/ glass with a contrasting image. Communicating animalistic qualities with mixed media, paint on photograph

What happens when a piece of feminist artwork is turned into anti-Islamic propaganda?

33 Signs You Went To An All-Girls Public School

This picture shows how girls are judged based on the clothes they where or their skirt length. Girls with short skirts are often defined as a "slut" or "whore.

Raoul Hausmann-ABCD-1923-24.  Photomontage-(Centre Pompidou, Paris)

ABCD Self-portrait (deliberately random assemblage of newspaper clips and cutout letters) by Raoul Hausmann, 1923 Dadaism

It's not just for fashion. It's for diets, pills, fads, even social and political agendas. Call us ugly. Call us stupid. Insult us so we buy your solution and your cure.

How to sell shit to women

They call us ugly to sell us shit - Consumerism, the cosmetic and diet industries.

A History of Graphic Design: Chapter 60: Posters in Social Protests

"Power to the People: POWER & EQUALITY," social protest for the rights of African-Americans in graphic design posters. Silk screen poster designed by Shepard Fairey. Bold colors, simple shapes, and the lines really draw the eyes inward.

These days identifying yourself as a liberal or conservative transcends politics. It’s the type of rift that extends to cultural, family and to some degree religious values. Studies have even suggested these differences in beliefs and attitudes cut so deep you can spot them in the structure of the brain.

Right Vs Left (world). Political infographic by David McCandless & Stefanie Posavec. McCandless has a great website and has produced some books on the subject.