i'm so in LOVE with these, little fairy homes and anything garden related. love love love. want to make some (eventually) little fairy gardens with tiny benches and fairies and homes....maybe i could team up with someone who arrange plants in pots ??? Do people even do that i wonder

Take Your Pick! The Top 50 Mini-Fairy Garden Design Ideas

Russia's Ekaterina Gamayunova - Tiny polymer couple

Russia's Ekaterina Gamayunova begins PCDaily's 2015 with this tiny polymer couple who commissioned versions of themselves who will live inside a small glass jar diorama to remind them of a special time. It's fascinating to see how Ekaterina mim [.

Easy DIY tutorial on how to make a green man mask with polymer clay (fimo) and a paper mache mask. You'll want to make one too!

Beltane - May Day - Unity - Green Man Mask - a symbol of nature and fertility. step by step tutorial with polymer clay. Perfect decoration for Beltane or may day celebrations