a tutorial about Polymer Clay, Pearl Ex & Patina. Keep clicking the image so that you can finally read it ;)

Great PearlEx Tutorial - metallic powder and then a patina finish with dark acrylic. I like using Inka Gold most of the time but sometimes a powder will work better for a technique. You can find both Pearl Ex Powders and Inka Gold at Poly Clay Play

Bionic Fish - polymer clay brooch tutorial / Создаем "Бионическую рыбу" — необычное украшение из полимерной глины #diy #tutorial #polymerclay

Создаем "Бионическую рыбу" — Photo tutorial, kind of steam-punk polymer

Polymer Clay handmade Steampunk Cat by MysticReflections

You don't need to buy expensive tools to work with polymer clay. Here are 10 free polymer clay tools that you will find around the house. Recycle and reuse.