Many of the traditional dance steps are used in both hula kahiko and hula auana.

Demystifying Hula: The Evolution Of Hawaiian Dance

Hawaiian Hula Dancer (Like @ Hawaiian Inn in Daytona Beach we saw so many time growing up!)

Hula dancing has been around for many years now. In the Hawaiian language, the word Hula literally means, "dance." However, it's not known who actually performed the hula dance first, but it has.

Proud Polynesian, our cultural dance costumes are so beautiful!

heylupeheeeyy: “Proud Polynesian, our cultural dance costumes are so beautiful, and so are our people! Photos by Adam LeSimmons ”

Tahitian Dance basics with Leolani

Leolani demonstrating some of the core basic movements in Tahitian Dance- Tamau, Varu, Ami, 'Afata, and Fa'arapu. Leolani is currently traveling teaching Ori.

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Fire knife performers, beautiful Polynesian dancers, BBQ catering and luau props for all kinds of events.