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Powerful Portraits of Secluded Cultures on the Brink of Extinction

Powerful Portraits of Secluded Cultures on the Brink of Extinction - My Modern Metropolis

Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia. Having been fascinated by traditional body decoration for many years, it was no wonder Jimmy would end up photographing the Marquesan Islanders of northern French Polynesia. Beauty plays a big role in this culture: with black face paint, necklaces made of teeth and natural elements, the men and women all decorate themselves.

A quest for tribes: the world's indigenous peoples – in pictures

Once outlawed, the tradition of tribal tattooing has undergone a recent renewal among the Maori people of New Zealand and other Polynesian cultures. Description from I searched for this on

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New Zealand | A cropped image of the original painting of Tamati Waka Nene (c.1785-1871) by Gottfried Lindauer, in 1890. | Tamati Waka Nene was a warrior and chieftan of the Ngati-Hoa tribe in the early 19th century.

Maori tattoos are part of the culture of the Indigenous people of New Zealand. Maori facial tattoos never cross the midline of the face and were used to instil fear in invaders.

✯ Hina is one of the most beloved deities of the Polynesian people and appears in many myths throughout the Pacific. Her role as bringer of life, death and renewal naturally connects her with the waxing and waning of the moon. She also presides over fertility and birth. :: By Lisa Hunt✯

Hina/Sina- Polynesian myth: goddess of the moon. She was either the mother, older sister, or wife of Māui. She was molested by the eel god but had him killed by Māui.

Maori are the native or indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand, arriving in N.Z.  before 1300 CE. In the Māori language the word māori means "normal", "natural" or "ordinary".

For New Zealand Maori women, the moko kauae, or traditional female chin tattoo, is considered a physical manifestation of their true identit.

Polynesian beauty queen. Hinarere Taputu, Miss Tahiti 2014 modeling for "Bora Bora Original"

Hinarere Taputu, Miss Tahiti 2014 modeling for "Bora Bora Original"

maori people | ... maori people may not be considered indigenous because it suggest maori

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Peg dolls - the Polynesians-Polynesians people - children of the world-family of the world-wooden toys

Peg dolls - Polynesian-Polynesians people - children-family of the world-wooden toys