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Length of brocaded velvet, century Spanish or Italian Silk velvet brocaded with metal-wrapped thread (via Length of brocaded velvet [Spanish or Italian]

"A very nice series of self-portraits entitled “Tutti Frutti” by 16-year old Spanish photographer Cristina Otero. Blending close-ups with fruits and wild make-up, the artist draws the viewers into an unconventional and colourful notion of beauty. With just a couple years of experience in photography, this prowess is the expression of true talent."

Just some fruits by cristina otero

This is a good example of food photography because it brings in another element of art, but still focuses on the food as the subject. The also use the food as inspiration for the make-up of the girls in the photos.

Smock        Place of origin:        England, Britain (embroidered)      Date:        1575-1585 (made)      Artist/Maker:        Unknown (production)      Materials and Techniques:        Embroidered linen with silk      Museum number:        T.113 to 118-1997


Passion fruit, or purple granadilla ('little pomegranate' in Spanish).

Granadilla, exotic and delicate delicious fruit.-Yum I cant wait to go back to Colombia to eat this

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Research shows this fruit’s juice has more inflammation-fighting antioxidants than red wine or green tea. Eat some fresh pomegranate or use it in an age-fighting scrub!

Season salad with pomegranate, salmon and goat cheese / Ensalada de temporada con granada, salmón y queso de cabra

Season salad with pomegranate, salmon and goat cheese (in Spanish)


Chicken or turkey tortilla soup