Meet the Cava-Poo-Chon, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and Bichon Frise mix bred with a Miniature Poodle, a new breed that never stops looking like a puppy

Is the cava-poo-chon the perfect dog? The smart, healthy and hypoallergenic new breed that NEVER loses its puppy face

My next dog! The "cava-poo-chon" is a 'tribrid' mix of a cavalier King Charles spaniel and bichon frise mix bred with a miniature poodle - is smart, healthy, hypoallergenic and never loses its puppy face.

corgi pomeranian mix puppies | Zoe Fans Blog

Pomeranian mixed with Corgi.Marissa, were even on our favorite dogs Twin Sis!

This precious little dog is a Miniature Siberian Husky - a Siberian Husky and  Pomeranian mix. Gorgeous

Alaskan Klee Kai (miniature Siberian husky)<<<<<ok no. A Klee Kai is NOT a minature Siberian Husky. They look similar but are not the same.

Pomeranian Mix Puppy for adoption in Torrington, Connecticut - Greta

Before you call a Pomeranian puppy breeder in Bristol, CT. Meet Greta who was adopted in Bristol, CT.

Head tilt = win!

Hi, I'm Puck! I'm a Pomeranian mix puppy who found my forever home after being at a shelter and with a foster mom for the first 12 weeks of my life. Even though I'm a hockey puppy, I am as sweet as th

Rooty the Pomeranian Mix -- Puppy Breed: Maltese / Pomeranian

We love little Rooty, but who wouldn't? He is a hyper little guy but gets pooped out fast so he loves his naps too! A lot of people say he looks like a baby polar bear or a baby seal.

Pomapoo Pomeranian/miniature poodle mix.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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