“The summer I was twelve, a group of preteen boys in Plain City, Utah started a tree house feud. My cousin explained the details of the conflict while we climbed into his fort. “Greg stole these from his father’s collection and I took them from Greg,” he told me. “I am going to use them for a ransom.” He opened up a box full of pornographic magazines. I never had seen pornography before. I don’t know how long we sat...

Narcissists, Porn, and Sexual Dysfunction - Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Magazine - Leah Emery Cross Stitches Hardcore Imagery

Leah Emery Cross Stitches Hardcore Imagery

Brisbane-based Leah Emery was working for a video game developer when some explicitly pornographic spam kept skipping past her email filters.

Volvo hot rod!

Big cars, small cars, cars with wheels, cars with sun roofs.


AK-10907 | YUMI KATSURA OFFICIAL WEBSITE|ユミカツラ公式サイト|ブライダル ウエディングドレス

It's over the top, but I kind of like this bridal gown "Yumi Katsura Couture Bridal Collection"



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