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Pop Art is characterized by techniques and themes drawn from popular mass culture like comic books, advertising, and mundane cultural objects. This movement is like a symbol of the modern era.

Blue Hair Comic Crying Girl Original Painting Pop Art Turddemon Outsider Girls | eBay

Blue hair Comic Crying Girl Original Painting Pop ART Turddemon outsider girls

Comic Girls Say .." Not you'rse , never was " #comic #vintage                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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It was Andy Warhol, however, who really brought Pop Art to the public eye. His screen prints of Coke bottles, Campbell’s soup tins and film stars are part of the iconography of the 20th century. Pop Art owed much to dada in the way it mocked the established art world. By embracing commercial techniques, and creating slick, machine-produced art, the Pop artists were setting themselves apart from the painterly, inward-looking tendencies of the Abstract Expressionist movement that immediately…

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I wish I could draw pop art people. I would make a whole family and give them wacky names… this girl would be Tara Blue

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Smoking Comic Girl by turddemon on Etsy (Art & Collectibles, Painting, pop…

Crying pin up girl

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Powerful. Fascinating. Beautiful. These words describe both the art and artists behind them. Check out these pieces created from a black woman’s point of view. Lina Viktor The artist with the…

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Creative Feature: A Fresh Take on Vintage Pop Art, “Monchi” by Nyanza D ("Girl with pastel green hair and lollipop" Poster from "Monchi" by Nyanza D)

Purple Ice Cream Art Print by Turddemon

Purple Ice Cream Art Print