How to String Popcorn on a Christmas Tree (with pictures)

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How to String Popcorn on a Christmas Tree. When it comes to holiday decorations, it's difficult to get more traditional than festive popcorn garlands on your Christmas tree.

Ok, I love to put popcorn and cranberries on the tree but sometimes the cranberries don't look so pretty after a while.  I found a good tip here I'm sharing.

How to Keep a Cranberry and Popcorn Garland Fresh

Spray cranberry and popcorn garland with acrylic sealant to help keep garland fresh throughout the holiday season.

How To Decorate for Christmas With Only a Trip to the Grocery Store

How To Decorate for Christmas With Only a Trip to the Grocery Store

Sure, there's the requisite nativity scene, the ornaments that have been passed down from your great-grandparents, and the Griswold family inspired display of twinkling lights outside

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14 Natural Christmas Garland Ideas To Adorn Your Homestead

Christmas Tree Garland Ideas - Dry the orange slices in the oven at for 4 hours then leave them in overnight. Takes about 11 oranges, 250 bay leaves and 75 cinnamon sticks to make about 4 feet

popcorn garland always reminds me of when I was a little girl

Going Old Fashioned - Popcorn Garland Tutorial

Dried Fruit Garland for the Holidays-- i remember my mom doing this on the tree... i need a dehydrator! please :)

Dried fruit, oranges, pears, apples, garland for Christmas aromas through the Holidays.

DIY Button Garland | How to make a button garland | DIY Christmas decorations | Christmas Tree

Learn how to make your own DIY Button Garland for your Christmas tree. This garland give the look of having a popcorn garland on your tree witout the mess!