Portamancer's Hat by SavagePunkStudio.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

A leather hat made for a Portamancer- a wizard specializing in the magic of portals, doors, and extradimensonal spaces. One of the tooled doors is actually functional, and opens.

What I imagine a gateway looks like. A Wizard's Work by JoeSlucher on deviantART

A Wizard's Work by JoeSlucher on deviantART <<< "Ready? I have to go in last to keep the portal open.

LARP-Wip: Heiler-Gürtel mit viel Stauraum - Seite 5 - Hobbyschneiderin 24 - Forum

LARP-Wip: Heiler-Belt with a lot of space - Page 5 - Hobbyschneiderin 24 - Forum

Doors to eternity or Hell... interesting idea for a Halloween graveyard.

This portal congers the images of Elves, Dwarfs &, Wizards as if Enchantment lies through it,s doors. This is a great grave marker!

Tales From the Yawning Portal (Dungeons & Dragons) by Wizards RPG Team

Tales From the Yawning Portal (Dungeons & Dragons) Within this tome are seven of the most compelling dungeons from the year his.

The summoning by ~sharnatonkin on deviantART (Elisabeth Wheatley) And that name says it all.

He tricked the spirit into his body, then used his tattoo spell to create a binding. This trapped the spirit, but left him permanently possessed. He now deals with the spirit to get more knowledge/help, in return for more freedom for the spirit .