Call me crazy but I find this pretty damn awesome! I love all the elements that make up this portrait.. Prob will never get it, but if I did I'd put it on my thigh!

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Instant fav... Amazing realistic portrait!

Tattoo artist Alex Sorsa creates fascinating black and grey portraits of femmes fatales.

Not ivy but could be....

Mystical tjej/varelse i mitten och Fenix ovanför med mer varelser runt om?

Realistic Harley Quinn Portrait | Best tattoo ideas & designs

Best Tattoo Ideas & Designs from Top Artists - Part 20

dream through space and time - 70 Eye-catching Sleeve Tattoos  <3 <3

70 Eye-catching Sleeve Tattoos

Recommend me a studio in greater Los Angeles area for this tattoo plz. [only staircase clock part]

10+ Gustav Klimt Tattoos To Show Your Artistic Side

One of history's most renowned Art Nouveau painters Gustav Klimt is known for his decorative style paintings filled with erotic scenes. And considering all the subtle details in the paintings, these must've been quite a challenge to put on canvas.