shortcuttothestars:  More post-apocalyptic by shortcuttothestars ’apparently Nazgûl live through the nuclear winter ??

shortcuttothestars: More post-apocalyptic by shortcuttothestars ’apparently Nazgûl live through the nuclear winter ? Not the lighter but this is cool

It's time to admit that Goth culture has a race problem

Goth purple dreads (look how amazing this looks and why cultural appropriation is not necessary)

Post Apocalyptic Girl by hounworks on DeviantArt

Post Apocalyptic Girl by hounworks on DeviantArt

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post apocalyptic gloves / wasteland wear / dystopia / texture / layers / details / cosplay / LARP / SO KICKASS :D

Post-Apocalyptic Fashion | etherax:   Design by Hiroto Ikeuchi

Photo hair design: Soichiro Uchida make-up: Akiko Fukue props design: Hiroto Ikeuchi photo: Yusuke Matsuyama photo: Head-set Material: headphone, loupe, video camera, gas mask, battery.

Post Apo Gal by on @DeviantArt

Character Art for author Ryan Henry. She's supposed to be a courrier. Actually clumsy with guns.